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what is Ambit Energy piggy bankSo What is Ambit Energy?

What is Ambit Energy? Ambit Energy is a local energy provider offering electric power and natural gas services in Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.

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Ambit Energy was started in 2006 in Addison, Texas by Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless. Chris and Jere started the company based on three guiding principles:

  • Become the most respected retail energy company in America,
  • Provide their customers with affordable electricity and gas,
  • And never sacrifice the company’s integrity…

As for providing affordable electricity and gas, they’ve definitely accomplished their goal. Read on to find out how…

    What is Ambit Energy? The Power of Choice in Your Utilities Provider…

    Did you know that in many areas of Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey you can choose who supplies your electric and gas? Since the advent of energy deregulation, consumers in many areas can now decide who they purchase their utilities from, based on their personal preference.

    What is Ambit Energy? Affordable Electricity and Natural Gas…

    Ambit Energy offers some of the most competitive rates for electricity and natural gas you’ll find. As an energy wholesaler, we purchase energy from the same place you currently get your electricity and natural gas, and then sell it to you at rates that are lower than our competitors.

    It costs nothing to switch providers, yet you can save on your electric bill each month just by switching!

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    What is Ambit Energy? The Ambit Energy Rewards Program…

    Ambit Energy AdvantagesChances are that you’ve never received a free gift from your current electricity or natural gas provider. Don’t worry, because we hear that all the time from our new customers, and that’s why you’re going to love this.

    When you become an Ambit Energy customer, we are going to show you how much we appreciate your business, and we’re going to reward you for staying a loyal Ambit Energy customer.

    To do this, we’ve created an extremely unique and exciting rewards program for our Ambit Energy customers. Of course, it’s our goal to get you to switch to Ambit Energy and enjoy these rewards.

    That’s why, on top of the fantastic rates you’ll get when you switch, you’ll also receive the following when you become an Ambit Energy customer -

    • A FREE Gift – Just for switching to become an Ambit Energy customer, you’re going to get a FREE welcome gift. At this time this gift is a travel voucher for 3-days and 2-nights in a 3-Star hotel located at 25 different destinations across the U.S. Now tell me – did your current energy provider do that for you when you got your service started?
    • FREE Electricity – Not only can you save by becoming an Ambit Energy customer and enjoying our great rates – you can also get FREE electricity when you refer others to Ambit. Refer enough customers so they too can enjoy our great service and low rates, and you may even eliminate your energy bill completely each month. Now how’s that for an energy company?
    • FREE Travel – Everyone needs a little vacation now and again, and with Ambit Energy’s travel rewards program, you can get away for free. Once you become an Ambit Energy customer you can earn travel points by referring new customers. And, you’ll earn travel rewards points just for being an Ambit customer and using your utilities every month. These points can be spent on free airfare, a cruise, or a golf vacation, or any number of other options. Refer just five new customers and you’ll get a vacation worth 45,000 points!

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    What is Ambit Energy? Customer Service…

    Tired of talking to someone overseas when you need help with your utilities services? We understand your frustration, which is why your account will be handled by our highly trained and extremely well-staffed U.S. based customer support center.

    Our U.S. based customer support center will handle every aspect of your customer account, including customer service, support, billing questions, and telephone help.

    What is Ambit Energy? Successful Growth…

    what is Ambit EnergyAmbit Energy is “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Company” according to Inc. magazine. Inc. has placed Ambit Energy at the #1 spot on their prestigious “Inc. 500″ yearly list. Although the company was founded in 2006, Ambit Energy had revenues of nearly $200 million in 2008 and almost $325 million in 2009.

    Why are we growing so fast? Because our customers love their rates, the service we provide, and the rewards and incentives for referring other new customers. And, it’s even possible to supplement your lifestyle by referring others to Ambit as an independent energy consultant. Click here for more details

    Ambit Energy was also declared as the fastest-growing privately held company in north Texas by SMU’s Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship in their annual Dallas 100™ rankings.

    In 2010 Ambit Energy experienced another tremendous year when it came company recognition as an energy leader. Ambit was ranked #1 on the SMU/Cox Dallas 100™ for the second year in a row, as well as being listed among the Top 100 Places to Work by the Dallas Morning News.

    What is Ambit Energy? You!

    Right now, we’re one of the fastest growing retail energy providers in every market where we operate. Won’t you join us?

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    Thank you for choosing Ambit Energy!

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